LEAD K-5 Model

Camelback Academy is a LEAD school; LEAD is an acronym meaning, “Lead, Explore, Ask and Discover.”  The components of LEAD are a research-based and data-driven K-5 teaching methodology, focused on teaching specific content areas in a unique, engaging, and child-centered learning environment.   LEAD classrooms look and operate differently than traditional classrooms and the outcomes are extraordinary! 



LEAD is a 3-dimensional model:

The Clusters - Grade levels are broken down into K-2 clusters and 3-5 clusters.  Within the cluster, there are 3 Teachers who are responsible for the core subject areas of Reading, Math, and Writing.  Science and Social Studies are integrated across the core subject areas.  Our Teachers become so knowledgeable in their content area, we often refer to them as "Content Specialists."  Our Reading, Math, and Writing Teachers work with students either in grades K-2 or 3-5.  The classrooms are not combination classes; Teachers work with specific grade levels daily for 90-minute blocks. 

The “Loop.”  The clusters Teachers work with the same students for 3 years, in grades K-2 and 3-5. 

The Learning Stations - After a new concept or unit is introduced through direct, whole group instruction, students work independently at three types of Learning Stations in their classroom.  Each classroom has a Computer Station for technology-based work, a Textbook Station for paper/pencil work, and three Activity Stations for hands-on work. There is also a Teacher Station where Teachers can pull students for targeted small group interventions and /or individual assistance.